level three: basic airbrushing

before you start:

make sure you have watched and practiced all of the previous videos in the academy, specifically all of the videos related to creating a flawless foundation application.

what you’ll need:

  • small airbrush gun
  • silicone-based airbrush foundation
  • color correcting cream palette
  • blending #28
  • pointed concealer #53
  • detail powder/blush #54
  • fpma brush: #59
  • blush #60
  • detail powder/blush #73
  • detail powder brush #76

about this video:

airbrushing is a technique you will want to know as a professional makeup artist. in this video, debra dietrich will walk you through basic airbrushing techniques, starting with choosing the right foundation color and color correcting the skin. she will then show you proper airbrush application techniques.

debra and robert talk through how to airbrush in a way that mimics the way a brush works. they also share a top tip on how to learn airbrushing the quickest… as well as what kinds of things to avoid when you are first learning how to do it! when you are finished you should have an even, beautiful foundation application on you or your client!