level three: dance & performance makeup

before you start:

make sure you have watched the apprentice and master class videos, particularly basic highlight/contour, advanced highlight & contour, and false lashes.

be sure to prep the face and apply a natural shade of foundation before following along with this video.

what you’ll need:

  • beauty blender
  • false lashes
  • duo surgical adhesive
  • black liquid or gel eyeliner to paint the band of the false lash
  • classic eyelash curler
  • mascara
  • matte midtone shadow
  • matte brown shadow
  • black eyeliner
  • black eyeshadow
  • natural eyebrow pencil
  • darker eyebrow powder
  • foundation in three shades: natural, lighter, darker
  • non-shimmer face powder
  • natural colored face powder
  • blush
  • lip pencil in a dark, skin tone shade
  • medium toned lip color
  • bronzer
  • brow brush
  • angled eyebrow #1
  • lash comb #3
  • eyeshadow #13
  • flat liner #18
  • eyeshadow #22
  • eyeshadow #27
  • blending #28
  • contour #30
  • fine eyeliner #41
  • pointed foundation #54
  • detail powder/blush #73
  • powder #70
  • lip #80

about this video:

when applying makeup for dance and/or performances, many people think they need to apply bright blue eyeshadow, bright lips, and an abnormal amount of blush! not true!

in this video, robert will teach you how to define the features and make them “seen” under those bright stage lights without making them obnoxiously overdone.

your end result will be a perfectly balanced face that will not draw attention away from what the model is performing.