level two: day to evening

before you start:

this video focuses on going from day to evening; therefore, the model is already wearing “day” makeup. you are welcome to prep the face and apply all makeup but the lips before following along with this video or simply follow along with the lip application.

what you’ll need:

  • burgundy lip liner
  • burgundy lipstick
  • burgundy lip gloss
  • tissue
  • lip #80 or pull apart lip #81

about this video:

one of the quickest ways to transform day makeup into evening makeup is by creating a rich, defined, and deeper lip. watch robert’s tips and techniques for transforming a basic day lip into a smoldering-hot burgundy lip that will last into the wee hours!

those of you who have watched the dark and luscious burgundy lip video will recognize this one! the quiz will be a quick refresher for you!

*please note: there is no course material download for this lesson.