future professionals makeup academy: monthly worksheets

the future professionals makeup academy monthly worksheets are designed to help you get the most out of the academy. the focus is taking each course segment in bite-sized pieces to give you the time you need to practice and absorb what you learn. you will need to complete all of the worksheets (and have them signed off by your learning leader) before you can receive your certificate of completion.

we highly suggest that you purchase a three-ring binder to keep your class syllabus, your monthly worksheets, and any notes you take in. you could include your course material downloads as well, but it may be nice to have another binder on hand just for those!!

let’s get started now!!!

if you are brand new to the academy, simply click on the “class worksheets” button below to print out all the worksheets you will need to get through the course. simply follow along with the assignments listed on each worksheet and cross off each section as you complete them. make sure you work with your learning leader so he/she can mark your progress as well!

download worksheets