how to: earn a certificate of completion

as a student here at the future professionals makeup academy you can earn a certificate of completion signed by master makeup artist robert jones.

how to earn a certificate:

  1. download the monthly worksheets and complete one each month. your learning leader must sign off on each worksheet before it is considered complete.
  2. take a quiz for each video course lesson and receive 100% on each quiz. you can retake the quiz as many times as needed in order to receive 100%.
  3. once you have received 100% on all quizzes in the apprentice, master class, and working like a pro levels, you will receive an email letting you know have successfully completed all three levels. remember: you must complete your monthly worksheets as well.
  4. once you have finished the above requirements, you simply need to login to the academy WITH your learning leader and fill out the form on the certificate form page. you will not be able to see this form until all of the quizzes in the academy have been passed at 100%. it may take up to 30 minutes for the page to update once you have completed all three levels.
  5. that’s it! we’ll double check with your learning leader and then your signed certificate will be sent to you!

you can view which quizzes you have taken as well as your quiz scores (passed or retake) at any time on the apprentice, master class, and working like a pro quiz score pages.