level one: looking great with less

before you start:

view and understand all previous apprentice level videos.

prep your skin (or your models) before following along with this video (remember: moisturize, foundation primer, eye creme, and lip balm)

what you’ll need:

  • everything pencil for spot concealing
  • concealer
  • loose powder for spot powdering
  • eyebrow pencil
  • brow powder
  • soft shimmer highlight shadow
  • matte highlight shadow
  • matte midtone shadow
  • matte brown contour shadow
  • eyelash curler
  • mascara
  • creme blush
  • natural tone lip pencil
  • brow brush
  • angled eyebrow #1
  • lash comb #3
  • midtone #11
  • eyeliner #13
  • eyeshadow #22
  • flat liner #18
  • contour #30
  • pointed concealer #53
  • lip #80

about this video:

although the past courses have shown and inspired you with all sorts of tricks and transforming techniques, it is important to also know how to get the best looks with the fewest number of products. let’s face it, not every woman wants to be a full-on makeup diva everyday, right?

one of the most important things robert can teach you in your time together is how to choose the products that will give you the most “bang for your buck.” and this is the video to do just that.