level three: brows – all shapes and sizes

before you start:

make sure you have reviewed, practiced, and understand the brows video in the apprentice course and the advanced brows video from the master class.

you may want to watch this video fully before rewinding and following along. all different shapes and sizes of eyebrows will be presented and robert will walk you through how to apply for each one.

what you’ll need:

  • brow pencil in a light shade
  • brow pencil in a darker shade
  • brow powder
  • small scissors to trim the brows
  • angled eyebrow #1
  • brow brush

about this video:

almost every woman can benefit from a little brow grooming and color. as you encounter different clients throughout your career, you will discover that brows come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

in this video you will learn the different ways to make each brow you come in contact with look naturally and beautifully sculpted.