level three: products robert loves

before you start:

make sure you have watched the first video in the building your makeup kit series, “what’s in your makeup kit.”

what you’ll need:

  • be ready to take notes!
  • list of items you are working on obtaining for your kit
  • current makeup and accessories

about this video:

what is in your makeup kit? have you ever wondered what (specifically) is in robert’s kit? did you watch the last video to see the how’s and why’s of robert’s kit and how he makes his kit travel friendly? if you watched the first video in the working like a pro series and are now ready to get down to specifics for your kit, then you are going to love this one!

in this video, robert is going to go through all of his favorite products that he just can’t live without! he’ll show you each one and explain what he uses it for and why! wahoo!

if you took inventory of what you currently have and/or are planning on obtaining for your makeup kit during the last video, now is a great time to get that list back out. review what you have on your list and then put a special section for what you may want to get after you have finished watching this video. make a plan to get your kit put together and then go for it!