level one: sanitation and cleaning your brushes

before you start:

gather up all the supplies you will need to follow along with this video.

what you’ll need:

about this video:

as a professional makeup artist, your tools are an important and costly investment. if you take good care of your brushes your investment can last years and years and years…in fact, robert still has some brushes he has had for twenty years and they still look brand new!

sanitization is another very important step in protecting both your investment and your clients. your reputation as a makeup artist can very well depend on how clean and sanitized your work station is.

in this video, robert will show you how to clean your brushes with professional brush cleaner as well as with shampoo and conditioner. he will also walk you through how to sanitize all your tools, including your color palettes, powder puffs, beauty blenders, and more.