level one: beginning to beautiful

before you start:

prepare yourself to be open and ready to learn new, amazing makeup techniques…or just be reminded of the incredible power of makeup.

important: this video is an overview of the entire makeup application process. each stage of application will be broken down and discussed further in the apprentice level. if you would like to follow along with this entire video, you’ll need to gather up everything in the “what you’ll need” section. you can also sit back, watch, and learn how the process works; then, learn and practice with each apprentice level video that follows.

what you’ll need:

  • moisturizer
  • foundation primer
  • eye creme
  • lip balm
  • eyebrow pencil
  • eyebrow powder
  • mascara
  • highlight shadow – creme
  • highlight shadow – powder
  • midtone shadow
  • contour shadow
  • deep brown shadow
  • black shadow
  • concealer
  • foundation
  • creme to powder blush
  • powder blush
  • powder (for face)
  • bronzer
  • lip pencil
  • lipstick
  • lip gloss
  • beauty blender
  • classic eyelash curler
  • precision eyelash curler
  • translucent powder (like alison raffaelle)
  • brow brush
  • angled eyebrow #1
  • eyeshadow #13
  • eyeshadow #22
  • midtone #11
  • blending #28
  • contour #30
  • eyeliner #40
  • fine eyeliner #41
  • ultimate blush #64
  • detail powder/blush #73
  • detail powder #76
  • lip #80

about this video:

this video features a full (from beginning to end), 35-minute makeup application. the purpose of this video is to show you how a complete application is done…robert will then break down each section and show you the “in’s and out’s” of creating beautiful makeup in the following course videos.

while watching “beginning to beautiful,” focus on new and proven techniques that will show (and remind) you how to be beautiful…watch, practice, and perfect.