level one: brush up – cleansing brushes

before you start:

gather up all the supplies you will need to follow along with this video.

what you’ll need:

  • color switch by vera mona brush (a dry brush cleaner)
  • professional brush cleaner that is low in alcohol
  • beauty blender cleanser
  • you could use a gentle shampoo, such as a baby shampoo, and a really light conditioner instead of professional brush cleaner. if you use shampoo/conditioner you’ll need to be close to a water faucet
  • paper towels

about this video:

makeup brushes are a big investment for professional makeup artists. the life of your makeup brushes is going to depend on you. robert currently has brushes he has had for thirty years. that may be a bit extreme… but if you take care of your brushes, you’ll have them for a very long time. the biggest part of that is how you clean and take care of them. another important concept to remember is this: the cleaner the brush, the better the application. in this video, you will learn the correct way to clean and care for your makeup brushes so you protect your investment and deliver the best application you can!