level three: how to cover a tattoo

before you start:

just make sure you are alert and ready to learn some new techniques!

what you’ll need:

  • robert uses dermablend for all 3 concealer colors because of the dry texture:
  • peachy concealer
  • concealer that is lighter than model’s skin tone
  • concealer that perfectly matches the model’s skin tone
  • alison raffaelle translucent powder or similar
  • beauty blender
  • concealer #50
  • pointed concealer #53
  • pointed foundation #54
  • powder brush #76

about this video:

although it won’t happen every time you have a client, there will be times when you will need to know how to cover a tattoo. whether a blushing bride who wants it covered for her wedding day or a photo/magazine shoot and a small ankle tattoo…you’ll be the professional artist who will need to be able to accomplish a natural looking cover!

in this video, robert will show you the technique he uses to cover a tattoo that will look so natural, those without knowledge of the tattoo would never suspect that one is there!