level two: perfectly red

before you start:

make sure you view all of the lip service courses in the apprentice level series.

what you’ll need:

  • burgandy, mohogany, or dark red lip liner
  • clear red lipstick
  • sheer lip gloss
  • lip #80 or pull apart lip #81

about this video:

the classic red lip is one of the most stunning lip looks a makeup artist can create. red lips can make a statement like no other shade has the ability to do, but it can also be difficult to pull off without looking overly bold or bright on the face.

robert’s technique of “grounding” the red makes red lips fool proof. robert has been asked to do many, many red lips for high profile clientele…and in this video you will learn all of the secrets robert uses in photo shoots and runway shows. he is, once again, the master!

after viewing, practicing, and perfecting what you have learned in this course you will be able to create the classic red lip you see year after year on the runway and red carpet.