level one: eyeliner

before you start:

view and understand all getting started, skin, brow and basic eyeshadow courses. remember to practice each video before moving on!

prep your model’s skin before following along with this video. you could also do your shadow application before applying eyeliner if you would like to. this video only focuses on eyeliner.

what you’ll need:

  • eyeliner pencil
  • black shadow
  • dark brown shadow
  • flat liner #18
  • fine eyeliner #41

about this video:

you will be amazed at how a few strokes of color around the lash line can define the eyes. eyeliner can go a long way toward defining the eyes and really making them “pop!”

there are a few basic ground rules when it comes to eyeliner and choosing the correct formula. of course, application technique is vital to the overall finished look of the eyes!

in this video you will learn the basics of eyeliner application and prepare yourself for more advanced lining techniques in the master class and pro course.