level three: building a custom lash

before you start:

make sure you’ve watched “the eyes gotta have it again” videos so that you have a clear understanding of eye shapes and the basics with false lashes.

prep the face as normal and apply a full makeup application on your model (excluding lashes).

what you’ll need:

  • wispy false lashes
  • dramatic false lashes
  • individual lash flares
  • brush #40
  • brush #41
  • black shadow
  • black eyeliner pencil
  • eye lash curler
  • mascara
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • duo surgical adhesive
  • small scissors
  • matte brown shadow

about this video:

everybody is wearing false eyelashes right now, whether it’s for everyday at work or going out for the weekend. a big trend is to customize your false lashes.

in this video robert will discuss proper lash selection, and how to create a custom lash without closing in the eye.