level two: contour: part 3

before you start:

make sure you have viewed and understand all “getting started” and “skin” video series. also view “basic highlight/contour” and “contour: part 1” and “contour: part 2.”

prep the skin and apply natural foundation shade of powder before following along with this video.

what you’ll need:

  • concealer
  • translucent highlighting powder (like alison raffaelle)
  • matte bronzer
  • midtone #11
  • detail powder/blush #64
  • ultimate blush #73
  • detail powder brush #76

about this video:

as you’ve learned by now, creating the “perfect” oval shape starts with creating width from the eye sockets, and length from the tip of the forehead to tip of the chin. using these points for reference will help you to visualize the shape you want to create in your makeup application.

in this lesson, robert will focus on specific placement for a broad face shape, how to use multiple shades of powder to reinforce the shape you’ve created, and how to properly blend for a natural finish.