level three: makeup for photography

before you start:

if you have already had the opportunity to work on some photography sets and have the photos handy, gather them up and think about where the lighting was at during your shoot and what kind of a role it played in how your photos turned out.

what you’ll need:

  • just be ready to take notes!

about this video:

whenever you are doing makeup for photography there are some things you need to think about. softer light, harder light, where the light is placed, and outside lighting all play a role in how beautiful your photos turn out. also, how close the shot is will also make a big difference in how precise you need to be.

as a professional makeup artist it is absolutely imperative for you to understand makeup for photography. in this video, robert is going to run through some different lighting scenarios and what you need to think about and be prepared for when going to work on set.