level two: perfect nude lip

before you start:

view the lip service courses in the apprentice level series and the lip service, again courses in the master class series.

after viewing, practicing, and perfecting what you have learned in these courses creating the perfect nude lip will be a breeze!

what you’ll need:

  • concealer
  • lipstick in a nude shade (with a tiny bit of pink in it)
  • lip gloss in a nude shade (hint of shimmer and a tiny pink undertone to it)
  • lip liner in a nude shade
  • lip #80 or pull apart lip #81

about this video:

one of the most sought-after lip looks in the beauty world is the classic nude lip. it is an “industry staple” and, in the world of professional artistry, you will be asked to create it again and again. it is also a look many women choose to wear on a daily basis.

in this video, robert will teach you the tips and tricks used for creating a nude lip that looks clean and fresh…and never dull. you will be glad you took the time to learn this timeless lip look!