level two: ebony glow

before you start:

make sure you have viewed and understand all “getting started” and “skin” video series. also, view the masterclass “advanced sculpting”: bronze/ebony video.

what you’ll need:

  • eye cream
  • concealer
  • multiple shades of foundation to match bronze/ebony skin tones
  • creme highlight shadow
  • warm midtone shadow
  • deep brown contour shadow
  • mahogany contour shadow
  • black shadow
  • brown eyeliner pencil
  • dark brown eyeliner pencil
  • mascara
  • creme to powder face powder (should have a lot of warmth to it
  • apricot blush
  • sheer, nude lip gloss
  • beauty blender
  • classic eyelash curler
  • disposable wedge sponge
  • velour powder puff
  • brow brush
  • angled eyebrow #1
  • lash comb #3
  • midtone #11
  • eyeshadow #13
  • eyeshadow #22
  • blending #28
  • contour #30
  • eyeliner #40
  • ultimate blush #64
  • detail powder/blush #73
  • lip #80

about this video:

as seen in robert’s previous videos about bronze/ebony skin, you understand the importance when applying makeup on bronze/ebony skin to use different tones to create an even canvas.

in this lesson robert will explain the difference in bronze/ebony skin versus ivory beige skin, how to even out the skin tone, how to properly place highlight shade for bronze/ebony skin, and how to mute texture in the skin to allow the glow to stand out.