level three: cut crease

before you start:

gather up all the supplies you will need to follow along with this video. then, if you are following along with a model, go ahead and foundation the forehead, conceal and powder the eyelids, and apply brows before hitting play.

what you’ll need:

  • beauty blender or makeup sponge
  • foundation
  • concealer
  • setting powder
  • bronzer
  • blush
  • sheer lip gloss
  • brow pencil and brow brush
  • eyelash curler
  • mascara
  • matte beige highlight eyeshadow
  • matte taupe eyeshadow
  • matte brown eyeshadow
  • matte beige shimmer eyeshadow
  • midtone #11
  • eyeshadow #13
  • eyeshadow #22
  • eyeshadow #27
  • blending #28
  • contour #30
  • detail powder/blush #73
  • liner/shadow smudger #38
  • false lashes and lash adhesive
  • light flesh tone pencil concealer

about this video:

one of the biggest crazes right now is a cut crease. robert isn’t a huge fan of a cut crease because it’s a very dramatic look… which means it isn’t very wearable. however, it is still important for you to know how to do!

a cut crease is different than most other eye looks because you normally build from light to dark. in a cut crease you apply darker shades first and then come back and apply the highlight shade at the end. this creates a sharp line at the edge of the crease, which is why it’s called a cut crease.