level two: prominent

before you start:

make sure you have watched and understand how to do a basic eyeshadow application from the apprentice level video course. in this video, the prominent eye application is the focus, not the rest of the face. it would be a good idea to prep the face before you begin.

what you’ll need:

  • shimmering beige highlight shadow
  • matte midtone shadow
  • rich brown contour shadow
  • black shadow
  • classic eyelash curler (or similar style)
  • mascara
  • eyeliner pencil
  • eyeshadow #13
  • eyeshadow #22
  • eyeshadow #27
  • blending #28
  • eyeliner #40
  • fine eyeliner #41

about this video:

prominent eyes can be one of the most challenging eye shapes to learn how to properly apply eye makeup for.

in this video, robert will teach you how to make a prominent eye (when the eye and the eyelid extend out from the face) look its prettiest!