level three: working with an agent

before you start:

if you have already started down the path of becoming a makeup artist, think about the experiences you have had so far and be prepared to evaluate your work and your presentation based on the information in the video.

maybe now is the time to determine whether you are ready to take the next step and engage the services of an agent!?

what you’ll need:

  • be ready to take notes!
  • current photos from any shoots you have done

about this video:

one of the most important things you can do to further your career as a makeup artist is to find an agent to represent and promote you. in this video, robert interviews his own personal agent to bring you top tips, advice, and things you need to be aware of when you are ready to engage the services of an agent.

if you have already started taking photos in preparation for putting your portfolio together, gather them all up. as you listen to the advice in the video, look at each photo and determine what will work and what won’t. remember you will only be remembered as being as good as your worst photo. make a list of additional ideas or items to include in your portfolio.

also, take note of the tips for meeting an agent and make a list of your goals as a makeup artist as well as great questions you can ask an agent.