fpma training: the tour

top tips in the video:

  • how to set up your future professionals makeup academy display
  • note: the future professionals makeup academy kit includes: a robert jones 21-piece brush set, a hardcover beauty bible, and a full year access to the future professionals makeup academy website (makeup kit not included)
  • how to be interactive with your prospect
  • how to introduce the academy and show the tools
  • future pacing (“can you see yourself….”)
  • how to get the confirmation
  • how to go through the enrollment WITH the makeup academy included

about this video:

in this video you will have the opportunity to see EXACTLY how to take a prospect through a tour while introducing the future professionals makeup academy. you’ll love how ryan asks and answers questions and goes in for the close :)

important: notice how ryan does future pacing during her interview, including the question, “can you see how much more marketable you could be as a celebrity or event stylist because you are able to do it all?”