bonus video: mk shades to skin tones

about this video:

people! my girls! my bff’s! so glad to have you here! listen, as I state in the video, I know one of your biggest challenges in your business is knowing who wears which shades. and, of course, I am here to fix that! my goal is to increase your sales by helping you make every single one of your customers a walking billboard for your skills and abilities… which is why I created this new video that is all about matching shades to skin tones.

in the video I am going to display all of your company’s eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick and I am going to teach you each and every color that goes with each and every skin tone (and in some cases, eye color combinations). I am also going to teach you which shades are fool-proof for all the different combinations. can I hear a huge “hallelujah” people??

if you’re ready, grab a notebook and be prepared to take tons of notes. and don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching again and again.