level three: setting up your workstation

before you start:

make sure you watch all of the getting started videos, which explain your tools, product knowledge, and sanitation.

what you’ll need:

  • paper towels
  • eyeshadow palettes
  • water
  • powder puffs
  • brush cleaner
  • tissues
  • foundations
  • concealers
  • brushes
  • glasses or cylinders to hold tools
  • eyelash curlers
  • mascara wands
  • brow powder
  • lip glosses
  • lip color palettes
  • bronzers
  • cheek colors
  • powders
  • face creams
  • sponges

about this video:

staying clean and organized while working on a job is just as important as your makeup application. most models look at your sma and pay attention to how clean and organized you work. this not only makes you look more professional, but it helps you to work faster.

in this lesson, robert will discuss his best practices, body position, how to unpack and pack your kit properly.