how to use your brushes

bonus video: how to use your robert jones brushes about this video: every good artist knows that tools are an essential part of creating a masterpiece! robert, being the master artist that he is, created his own signature line of brushes, each brush serving a specific purpose. in this video, robert and one of his […]

how to clean your brushes

bonus video: how to clean your brushes about this video: whether you have your very own set of robert jones brushes…or another brand…you need to know how to take care of them to protect your investment and, of course, to keep your clients and yourself looking as good as possible. robert says you will not […]

how to choose foundation

bonus video: how to choose foundation about this video: choosing the right color of foundation can be one of the most difficult things for someone to accomplish, but creating a flawless canvas to paint on is of the utmost importance! the good news is, with the proper knowledge it is easy to do! in this […]

how to choose eyeshadow

bonus video: how to choose eyeshadow about this video: how to choose eyeshadow isn’t JUST about color choice…it is also about texture choice! can you go all shimmer? what about matte? what type of shadow texture should you use and when should you use each one? in this video, robert will break down the different […]

how to curl your eyelashes

bonus video: how to curl your eyelashes about this video: robert is ALL about lashes!! If you are a member of the academy there is no doubt you have heard (or will hear) him say, “curl, curl, curl!!!” curling your lashes opens up your eyes and, if you are a mature lady, will give you […]

if brook can…you can!

bonus video: if brooke can, you can! about this video: robert jones is (obviously) a professional makeup artist who creates stunning looks day in and day out. but what about those of us who want to look beautiful (and/or help others look beautiful) but don’t think we can *ever* do it as well as robert? […]

uneven eyelids

bonus video: uneven eyelids about this video: in the course videos you have learned how to apply makeup for each eye shape, as well as what you should do for combination eye shapes. but…what if you, or your client, have uneven eyelids? the goal is to make the eyelids look more even, the trick being […]

emma stone in spider-man

bonus video: emma stone in spider-man about this video: how about a fresh, clean, glowing baby skin runway trend….which also happens to be the look emma stone flaunted in the amazing spider-man?! whether visiting the beach for a hot, summer trend, or looking for a beautiful, “glowing” look to brighten up the darkest and coldest […]

katniss from the hunger games

bonus video: katniss from the hunger games about this video: almost every woman can relate to katniss everdeen in the blockbuster movie hit, the hunger games. although you may (or may not) feel particularly powerful, there is a strength in all of us that shines through at one moment or another. in this video, robert […]

jennifer lopez: j-lo glow

bonus video: j-lo glow (bronze goddess) about this video: this all-new bonus video features a look robert refers to as “the bronze goddess”. oooh-la la! just the name itself sounds too hot to handle! fyi: most people call this look the “j lo glow” thanks to the lady who made it famous: the beautiful jennifer […]

katy perry: wide awake

bonus video: katy perry smoky eyes about this video: smoky eyes can be dark and dramatic using black shadows, or they can be lighter and more subtle. in this video, robert creates a silvery, pink smoky eye inspired by katy perry’s look in her hit music video, “wide awake.” however! instead of combining the smoky […]

kim kardashian

bonus video: kim kardashian about this video: celebrity makeup tutorials are HOT items and this one is no different! kim kardashian is constantly in the spotlight as a beautiful, bronzy babe with a look *everyone* would love to rock! she has also managed to capture a bit of runway in her fresh, bronzed glow and […]

selena gomez

bonus video: selena gomez about this video: robert has had the opportunity to work with selena gomez and says she is an absolute doll both inside and out! since robert has worked with her so much, he is really familiar with her face and the looks she wears. in this video, robert will show you […]

taylor swift – red

bonus video: taylor swift – red about this video: taylor swift has been in the headlines for sooooooo long as a young singing/songwriting worldwide sensation! this makeup look is “classy taylor swift retro” with a little bit of a modern twist to the eye. as will all celebrity inspired looks created by robert (you’ll hear […]

mature skin makeover

bonus video: mature skin makeover about this video: in this video, robert performs a full makeover on the lovely fran…a beautiful, 12-year-old (that’s 12×4, 12×5, or 12×6…). robert walks through all the makeup types and color choices he prefers to help mature skin look fresh, clean, pretty, and youthful!

youthful and pretty

bonus video: youthful and pretty about this video: youthful and pretty is a mature skin makeover video. robert emphasizes time and time again that makeup for mature skin is not about heavy makeup application to conceal and cover everything you don’t want to see – it is more about making the correct color choices to […]

foundation salvation

bonus video: foundation salvation about this video: ok girls!! people!! my main BFF’s!! here is a special video just for you. I call it the “foundation salvation” video because I am going to fix all the confusion that is surrounding your new foundation system. my goal is to help you have all the tools you […]

mk brushes

bonus video: mk brushes about this video: as you are most likely aware, I have created my own brush set for my own specific purposes. however, your company has done a fantastic job of getting you high quality brushes at a price you can resell to your customers at. in this video, I am going […]

mk shades to skin tones

bonus video: mk shades to skin tones about this video: people! my girls! my bff’s! so glad to have you here! listen, as I state in the video, I know one of your biggest challenges in your business is knowing who wears which shades. and, of course, I am here to fix that! my goal […]

every day asian eye (mk)

bonus video: every day asian eye about this video: mk girls! this video is the same as the OTHER asian every day eye makeup video in the “trending videos” bonus videos section with ONE exception. at the end of the video when robert breaks down what colors to use he will tell you the exact […]

colorful eye

bonus video: colorful eye about this video: this look is all about fun, over-the-top, super bright color! perfect for fall or an extra special night out on the town!

color my world

bonus video: color my world about this video: color my world! this makeup tutorial video is all about gorgeous, intense color in a look that has been featured all over the runways: butterfly eyes. in this video, you’ll learn how to make eyeshadow color POP and stay intense (especially on darker skin tones) as well […]

every day asian eye (bonus)

bonus video: every day asian eye about this video: this video is all about how to apply every day eye makeup for the asian eye shape! sooooooo many apply makeup for the asian eye shape by darkening everything and not using any highlight at all. robert prefers to use a little highlight to open the […]

every day, natural

bonus video: every day, natural makeup look about this video: it is safe to say that most of you spend the time to put makeup on at least once a day, generally before you leave the house, or whenever it is that you get ready for your day. if you work full time out of […]

flushed cheek

bonus video: flushed cheek about this video: this gorgeous flushed cheek look has been all over the runways and is the perfect look if you are after a bright, fresh, “glowy” look: a flushed cheek with a subtle eye and soft lip.

matte makeup

bonus video: matte makeup about this video: on the runways this year we saw a resurgence of the natural makeup look from the supermodels of the early ’90’s. this look was completely matte (no shimmer) and really defined each model’s own, unique features. this look video is more of a modern take on the look […]

nude, but not naked

bonus video: nude, but not naked about this video: smoky eyes, bright lips, perfect red lips, colorful eyes, baby skin…we have seen them all! but this new makeup tutorial video is all about using neutral colors for EVERYTHING – eyeshadow, blush, lip color – you name it! the end result is a stunning look that […]

pop of color

bonus video: pop of color about this video: bright, pink lips can be hard to pull off without looking overdone! in this video, robert will show you how to create those bright, colorful lips…but still make the look gorgeously wearable.

smoky hooded eye

bonus video: smoky hooded eye about this video: soooooooo many academy BFF’s have asked for a smoky hooded eye video…so here it is! in this video, robert will show you how to create a soft hooded smoky eye that you can feel 100% confident and gorgeous in…whether just around the house, at work, or for […]

intense smoky eye

bonus video: intense smoky eye about this video: academy BFF’s! it’s time for another gorgeous smoky eye look with our mr. jones. this video features an extreme, intense smokey eye makeup tutorial…but, as usual, robert is going to make it wearable for all of us! thanks robert! M-U-A-H!! :)